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Yacht maintnance

About the program

SY awareness project to bring people together learn about the sea from practical boat building, maintenance& repair split into areas : fiberglass technician, wood carpentry, electrical and electronics, diesel mechanics, boat building and sailing. Each lead by a professional and practice as well learn in the old apprenticeship way.

Students and participants can apply from all around the world to join us in Phuket Thailand.
The program runs every 3 month and people can apply to join as volunteers to help out in our base or dedicated skill tradesman who will be supported by light of life foundation with food and accommodation; also some with paid positions once they complete the program and decided to carry on with us.

We will train them to be sailors and slippers who will join our yachts making passages from Phuket Thailand- langkawi Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia- Solomon island- Fiji

The vision and mission of this program is by being people together from different backgrounds and life’s into the mix then help troubled individuals and families through difficult times: for example the civil war in Burma and war between Russia and Ukrainian

Our core team members are passionate seaman who have traveled and lived in different culture with their specific areas of expertise to share their knowledge: Mike-founder of sail in Asia, the headmaster of our sailing school; Ben-Dutch electrician who lived and travels on his yacht for last 20 years; Alona- passionate Ukrainian skipper who sailed for many years across different oceans; Qi- the best co ordinator who enables all the artistic and healing activities workshop for our base and many more

In collaboration with SAIL IN ASIA organisation

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